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    Genam Ultimatum Parliament to Legalize Alcohol Bill in Early 2017


    BANDUNG-After being targeted for completion in June 2016, the Bill on Alcoholic Beverages Prohibition (ABP) to the end of 2016 there has not been also showed indications that will be approved by the Parliament. In fact, the ABP bill is a matter of urgency applied considering recent alcohol related offenses increasingly rampant in Indonesia. The National Movement for Anti Alcoholic Beverages (Genam) urged the Parliament to resolve the serious discussion of the ABP bill and immediately ratify it in the early 2017's.

    "I do not know how is the process like in the discussion that stretch up to half a year.

    The certain is violations of alcohol in areas increasingly worrying. Just read the news, before the year turn, results of operations, the police has been able to seize thousands of bottles of alcohol in various regions. When the state has no rule of alcohol in legislation level. How far we wait until many lives have been lost due to alcohol, "said Chairman of Genam Fahira Idris.

    Fahira said, Minister of Trade regulations on banning the sale of alcohol in the minimart is not enough to stop the circulation of alcohol, because besides not comprehensive also no severe sanctions even fine and punishment for those who violate them.

    "People in areas that already have alcohol Regional Regulation (Perda) eg Papua Province fortunate to rate production, distribution, and consumption of alcohol can be overcome, but for areas that do not have regulations on alcohol such as Jakarta and many other areas, people can only stroking his chest, see alcohol sold so freely.

    That's why alcohol regulatory in legislation level is necessary, because it can be applicable and implemented nationally, " said Fahira who is also Vice Chairman of DPD Committee III.

    Because of the vagueness of this ABP bill settlement, urges Fahira to community, especially in areas that will simultaneously held elections on 15 February 2017 to attract commitment from the prospective head region to make regulations related to alcohol ranging from the regulation of regional head until regulations.

    Genam, continued Fahira, has started moving volunteers in regions to attract commitments from all pairs candidate on production, distribution, and consumption of alcohol. Fahira is hoping the issue of alcohol combating also become a program of the regional head candidates who will compete in upcoming election.

    "Alcohol is the serious social disease, especially for the younger generation, so prospective head region must have innovation and solutions to overcome. If there is no commitment, he did not deserve to be selected. In Jakarta, It's done.

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