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    Oil and Gas Gross Split Contract Scheme Should Be Testing in Public


    BANDUNG-member of Commission VII of the House of Representatives Rofi Munawar asks the Government examine carefully beforehand Gross Split application of the scheme in the new contract counting oil and gas (oil). The assessment can be done by public testing together with stakeholders in the oil and gas sector. Said the House of Representatives Commission VII member Rofi Munawar release received by jabarprov.go.id, Friday (30/12).

    According Rofi, Gross Split Scheme if payed quite a lot of criticism from many quarters. It was particularly among associations, activists energy, as well as the National Energy Council (DEN). Criticism came because they are not in harmony with the General Plan for National Energy (RUEN).

    "It's good the government to sit down and do a public test to examine these issues comprehensively and seriously, in order to find the best solution" he said.

    It is known, the Government through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) is preparing Gross Split scheme for new oil and gas contracts. The scheme is planned to be implemented in the early 2017's to replace the Production Sharing Contract or Production Sharing Contract (PSC) which has been used.


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