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    The End of 2016, West Java Economic Growth Exceeds National


    BANDUNG-West Java province in the last period tenure Governor Ahmad Heryawan achieved significant success. Indication of the success achieved over the program works is, indicators of poverty was reduced during the period of one year. At a time of economic growth rate (LPE) were above the national average.

    Based on the data obtained from the Central Statistics Agency Jabar, LPE Jabar year on year third quarter of 2016 reached 5.76%. Surged from the year 2015 amounted to 5.03%, an increase of 0.73%. Exceeds the national LPE third quarter year on year reaching 5.02% (0.74% difference).

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said BPS indicated LPE year on year increase in the third quarter of 2016 was triggered activity occurs National Sports Week (PON) has just been held in West Java. That is, the event PON enough to boost economic growth. '' This (economic growth Jabar) anything really. In fact, when compared (growth) with only 5.02% of national LPE, '' he said in Bandung on Thursday (29.12.16) evening.

    Aher back detailing, LPE rise is highest in Java. Compared to East Java, Central Java and DKI. In addition, for the year to date inflation rate in West Java has successfully suppressed the numbers with a value in 2015 of 2.73%, to 2.39% in November 2016. This value is significantly below the national average. '' So it's plus minus yes. If the highest (inflation) was in the top 5, but if the lowest in the bottom three, '' he said.

    According to him, the poverty rate in West Java in 2015 the index reached 9.57%, less than the national poverty rate. However, in 2016 Jabar has again successfully lowered to 8.95%. "Meaningful once for Jabar," he said.

    Aher said, from a macro picture, the economy has improved Jabar. As a result of the joint efforts continue to boost the economy through sustained some excellent programs. Such as, the establishment of new entrepreneurs has reached 51 904 people. Of the target of 100,000 launched until 2018.

    That amount, could be increased if the view data so entrepreneurship education, or college graduates who decide to be entrepreneurs. In fact, that figure has not been calculated from private institutions such as Tauhid Pesantren Daarut which organizes entrepreneurship programs. '' So although two years away, we are optimistic that the target could be achieved. Or, if not achieved minimal approach the target in terms of membership, '' said Kang Aher citing, throughout 2016 Jabar won 21 national awards from the central government.

    Furthermore, the public waters restocking program has provided fingerlings to the public. With the dispersal of seeds in lakes, water and reservoirs reached 18.3 million fish seed. This amount will be increased in 2017, to reach 50 million fish seed. '' This impact is remarkable, because in Jatigede Dam community there has been no more difficulty meeting the needs of fish for consumption. So stay just fishing in the reservoir, '' he said.

    Another program is, the provision of 2 million coffee trees to coffee farmers and community groups. This is done so the coffee from West Java became one of the coffee producers in Indonesia. Especially now, West Java has become the second largest coffee producer in Indonesia after Aceh. He promised, to the program will expand the provision of coffee plant seedlings to 7 million in 2017. Therefore, the coffee commodity Jabar turned out to have quite high economic value. Coffee from West Java also has won many world-level coffee festival in the contest Speciality Coffee in Atlanta USA in Meret ago.

    Aher explains, for hyper growth, it continues to drive the development of community groups Micro Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). These measures have achieved success with the revolving loan fund, named Credit Cinta Rakyat (KCR) through the Bank BJB. Given to 15,000 small businesses with employment of 34,000 people.

    '' The provision of revolving fund has been successful in 100% without any flaws. In fact, the value of credit risk is almost 0%. And this has been returned to the provincial government (the first stage) in accordance with the value of the gift in the amount of Rp 165 billion, '' he said.

    Some programs innovation, has undertaken to spur economic growth in the region, particularly in the food sector. With some excellent programs for farmers and growers. Such as, creating a superior seedlings on different types of crops and livestock in the form of breeding cows and chicken Pasundan Sentul.

    While the programs are supporting the economy also continue to be made is the development of infrastructure. Evidenced by the stability of the quality status of the West Java province reached 98%. '' The road in the south along the 400 KM Jabar stretches from west to east have been very good. Region Ciletuh administration has repaired the road along 33 KM. This is simply done to boost economic activity and tourism sector in West Java, '' he concluded.

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