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    Elimination of Article 481 and 483 Threats Family Plan Program


    BANDUNG-The removal support of Article 481 and 483 in the Code of Penal (Penal Code) Draft re-expressed by a number of community groups in a public discussion organized by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Indonesia.

    In a discussion entitled "Revised Penal Code Threats HIV / AIDS Program?", The majority of participants judge the content of the two chapters on contraception was counterproductive to family planning programs and other public health programs, such as reproductive health and the prevention of transmission of HIV / AIDS in Indonesia.

    Riki Febrian, Country Program Manager AHF Indonesia explained that he fully supports the removal of article 481 and 483 of the Penal Code draft which is currently discussed in the Commission III.

    "In addition to threatening the sustainability of family planning programs, two chapters are also a potential threat to public health programs such as the prevention of transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV / AIDS," he said.

    According to Riki, community who become health volunteers are active in the community and NGOs that are very large role in disseminating contraceptives or condoms for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV in risky sex.

    "If they are convicted of providing information about preventing transmission of STIs and HIV through the use of contraceptives, the effort to control the disease will be more severe," said Riki, in discussions on the Elimination of Articles 481 and 483 in the Criminal Code draft, at the Ibis Hotel Bandung, Wednesday (28 / 12). (Parno)

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