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    In Regional Intelligence Community Coordination Meeting, Deddy Reminds Latest Issue


    BANDUNG-Peaceful and public order organizations are part of public administration task that is very influential in the public service performed by the Government, the Provincial Government, and District / City Government.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said, as the province with the largest population in Indonesia, it is also directly adjacent to the capital city, and has various vital objects of national, regional, and international levels. Then in West Java, organizing peaceful and public order becomes a necessity.

    "So far the conditions of the West Java region can still be said to be relatively favorable. But it is also undeniable that West Java has the potential for disruption of peace and public order, which needs to be watched. Among the relation with infiltration by extremist radicals groups which lead to acts of destructive terror to an institution or public facility, "stated Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar, the Regional Intelligence Community Coordination Meeting (Kominda) District / City in West Java, at the Grand Preanger Hotel, Asia Afrika Street No. 81 Bandung, Wednesday (28/12/2016).

    "Now the extremists, terrorists, radicals, yesterday arrested again in Purwakarta area, then permit of foreign organizations allowed to stand, visa-free, in addition to economic opportunities also exist threats to watch out furthermore I guess," He continued.

    Relating to terrorism, Deddy said that it does not deny that West Java is still considered as one of the bases of terrorism movement in Indonesia. This is reinforced by the arrest of several people in several locations suspected of involvement in a terrorist network in West Java.

    Therefore, the concern for the stranger, not permanent residents, as well as locations that have potential vulnerability in the surrounding environment should be developed as an effort to narrow the space for terrorism.

    At the same time it is also necessary to strengthen the role of Kominda to gather intelligence information related to terrorist activities.

    "In West Java in addition to yesterday's terrorist problem there are also foreign nationals from China also brought bacteria chili. Well this means anything, needs to be aware of this?" Deddy said.

    related to election, Deddy stated that in West Java there are no issues that are volatile, "it's not too crowded, but the adjacent areas of Jakarta, where elections of DKI news more excited better than Presidential Election American right. This is going everywhere to religious harmony right," he added.

    While related to religious harmony itself, Deddy stated that the latter should also be a common concern. Because the population and number of religious communities are so large in West Java. Probably, it potentially causes disruption of inter-religious harmony.

    Issues troubling later said him, including unauthorized construction of houses of worship, defamation of religion issue, as well as an allusion to religious organizations.

    "If it does not watch, does not be anticipated earlier by Kominda in West Java as well as in the District / City I guess this one when it could explode," said Deddy.

    Therefore, continued Deddy, coordination meetings Kominda is expected to become a strategic vehicle in the effort to improve the quality of communication, coordination, and cooperation unit of intelligence in the region, to continue to improve security, public order and conduciveness provincial and regency / municipality, and foster the solidarity among the incorporated elements in the apparatus of the Regional Intelligence Community (Kominda) in West Java.

    "Why is there an coordination meeting? To be a synergy that is getting better, better coordination, and information that is channeled better, with Intelligent Information Systems," He said.

    Kominda said Deddy, its role is observing invisible threats, behind the outstanding issues in the community, it is an increase in vigilance even higher.

    "I appreciate some of the threats on these days are always detected well. Thus it defuses public unrest," lid.

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