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    East Asia and Pacific Cooperates with West Java Dominance


    BANDUNG-Throughout 2016 West Java Provincial Government cooperates with overseas which is dominated by Governments of countries in East Asia and the Pacific. At least 27 existing cooperation undertaken, including with other countries in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and America.

    Head of the Bureau of Local Autonomy and Cooperation Secretariat of West Java Taufiq Budi Santoso said that the cooperation with countries in East Asia including the People's Republic of China, Japan and South Korea. While in Asia Pacific with Australia and South Australia.

    Beyond that, the cooperation with other countries in the world in Europe, especially in West Java had good relations with Belgium, Netherlands, and Russia. In the African region, the cooperation undertaken with South Africa while the Americas with Mexico. Several other countries of the Asian continent, among others, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.

    According to him, the cooperation include 13 documents will statements, two documents of meetings, two documents memorandum of mutual understanding and 10 cooperation targets.

    "This form of cooperation is covering almost all sectors ranging from education, economy, sports, tourism and culture, and mission of human resource development and technological advancement of government," said Taufiq to Public Relations West Java Team, on Wednesday (28/12 / 2016) afternoon.

    According to him, since last year West Java province entered in local government forums throughout East Asia. The Forum is made up of nine countries and more than 76 local governments. So in addition to bilateral relations with 27 such cooperation, also entered the East Asia forum was initiated by prefecture (province) Nara in Japan.

    Taufik said the West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) to be the most vital in the success of the relationship and the trust of other countries. Governor Aher considered a diplomatic skill and proficiency in foreign politics, so that West Java is viewed internationally, especially in East Asia forum.

    This year when the forum held a seminar, Aher had the honor to be one of the speakers linked Geopark tourist areas or old rocks nature parks in Ciletuh, Sukabumi regency to be proposed as a Global Geopark or International Geopark to UNESCO in 2017.

    Geopark or old rocks nature park tourist area Ciletuh in Sukabumi, West Java certified as a national geopark of the Indonesian National Committee for UNESCO and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources since has fulfilled a number of requirements for a garden earth or geopark.

    "West Java province in the leadership of Governor Ahmad Heryawan is indeed continue to develop communication and relations with other countries. This year, the governor has followed the seminar and the speakers at the forum. Presentation on Ciletuh to be recognized by the world, then we use this forum, "he said.

    Cooperation Testimony

    Examples of cooperation among others, could be seen on May 17, 2013. At that time, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan receives Singapore Ambassador visit to Indonesia, Anil Kumar Nayar, and talk about the economic security of the region.

    "West Java is one of the most important provinces in Indonesia. So, to improve cooperation with the Provincial Government of West Java is very necessary, "Anil Kumar said when met at Gedung Sate, Friday (17/05/2016) afternoon.

    Ambassador's visit was also being done by the French State, namely Corine Breuze who had a meeting with Ahmad Heryawan at Gedung Sate, Wednesday (23/04/2014) afternoon. His visit talked about their desire to work together to build, West Java, related to the amount of potential in the province are considered to represent Indonesia as a whole.

    "French Ambassador bid cooperation in railway, monorail, and geothermal. However, the French investment interest in West Java is still a common exposure. So, still we should be looking back, "he said.

    West Java does have its own charm for foreign investment purposes. In 2015 ago, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan was visited by the Belgian Ambassador to Indonesia Patrick Herman.

    "His visit to Gedung Sate is to talk about the technology investments of Belgium in Bandung, Bogor and Karawang. In the earlier years of King Philippe of Belgium has ever made a visit to talk about investment in West Java. West Java is still to be excellent investments, "he said, as in the record PR teams of West Java.

    The magnitude of the potential in West Java making Belgium a consistent investment. On March 12 to 19, 2016 Belgian Princess Astrid visit to Bandung, Bogor and Karawang for the sake of the implementation of the development in manufacturing, Infrastructure, agriculture, maritime, and other potential field. His visit conducted prior to Gedung Sate in order to express his enthusiasm to invest in West Java.

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