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    UN moratorium on the Right Steps


    BANDUNG-The government's step to make the moratorium about the National Exam (UN) is considered an appropriate step. With the moratorium, at least be able to avoid the impact caused by the implementation of the UN.

    Thus, it is revealed by members of Commission X Indonesia Parliament, Popong Otje Djunjunan in a statement to reporters on the sidelines of the Boy Scouts of West Java, which took place at the Office of West Java Scout Kwarda, Cikutra Street Bandung, Tuesday (27/12).

    Popong, further explained the UN can be implemented with requirement that the condition of quality education between Papua and Jakarta are same. The demand equation also applies to educational facilities, so the UN must be implemented with condition of education in Indonesia has been the same in many aspects.

    Implementation of UN is nothing wrong, but just a matter of time that has not been possible implemented at this time.

    In terms of regulation, a moratorium to the UN is in line with the Supreme Court decision in 2009 ago, which confirmed that the UN should be removed.

    UN, if it will go ahead should not be used as a graduation requirement. UN, said Popong just as an evaluation tool to determine the classification of schools, this pattern is no longer prevalent fraudulent practices for implementation of the UN. (NR)

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