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    Simultaneously Bazar at 14 stations in Java


    BANDUNG-PT KAI as a state enterprises also has an obligation to support the development of SMEs. To that began December 28, 2016 until January 12, 2017, at 14 stations in Java, organized a bazaar or exhibition of SME products.

    Manager of Public Relations of PT KAI Ilud Siregar said the number of partners who participated in the exhibition totaled 170 business units.

    "Bandung there are dozens of exhibitions," he said.

    He asserted that the total partners of SMEs in PT KAI Daop 2 Bandung reaches 42 partners.

    "We continue to assist partners in the development of their business," he said.

    PT KAI Daop 2 this year is to achieve revenues up to nearly Rp 500 billion, and the revenue will certainly be back also in part to the public.

    "This is one part of our CSR, SOE building the country," he said. jo

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