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    Bima: The Importance is Benefit for All


    BOGOR CITY-In late 2016, the mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya reshuffles his cabinet. This time is fairly massive overhaul for sworn officers amounted to more than 1,000 people. Including Echelon 2 and 3 in the City Government. Inauguration which took place on Wednesday (12.28.2016) at Padjadjaran Resort BNR Hotel divided in two sessions.

    The first session in the morning followed by the inauguration and the inaugural of 190 Echelon II and III. On that occasion Bima reminded about the responsibilities of officials.

    According to him, all officials present at that time are the ones that determine the city of Bogor. "Black white Bogor City is in the hands of us all," he said. For the design, planning and implementation of Bogor are all prepared and implemented by officials. Likewise hopes of the people, is in the hands of officials.

    That's why Bima invites them to use the time as well as possible. It is expected targets can be completed in 2017, because in 2018 the concentration will be focused on the management of elections. In addition Bima also reminded the officials on the need to manage the interests of the best in possible way. "The interest of private, business, politics and the elections, it is of little interest. A greater importance is the benefit to all, "said Bima.

    He also invited the officials to always try to improve, cut the chain of things that are not good, and always stepped forward to start something better. It also applies for him to keep fighting hammer responsibility until 2018 and tried to put a greater interest above all else.

    In another part of the Milky invited all officials in the City Government to The Dream Team. "The team worked together, pushing each other, help each other and defend each other. Not a team who elbow each other, each other down and criticizing each other, "he said. So far Bima said they were proud to be part of the ranks of the City Government according to which a solid, compact and keep guyub and brotherhood.

    Conditions that thought should be maintained. Because, "Why fight it out into a head of department and the head of the field, even becoming mayor when we come to sacrifice friendship and brotherhood," he said. Moreover, time is not long and occupation is only temporary, so that all will go back into ordinary people in Bogor. (Tria / Ulfa / Adyt / Indra / Met) Mor

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