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    Aher in the Cibeureum Village: Om Plant Trees Om!


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Cibeureum village which is located in subdistrict of Kertasari. Most of the subistrict Kertasari area is mountainous region. However, today most of the land has been converted to agricultural land area for some seasonal crops.

    To that end, Aher with Bandung Regent, Cibeureum village chief, sub-district and Muspika in subdistrict of Kertasari are planting trees together as part of a restoration Citarum river upstream program, Cibeureum village, Lapangsari Street No. 19, subdistrict of Kertasari, Bandung regency, on Wednesday (28.12.16).

    Aher encourages Cibeureum Village community and the community of the subdistrict Kertasari to change their cropping patterns, especially crops for land in the mountains with a sloping or upright plants, such as coffee trees, cinchona, or other crops.

    "Om planting trees, Om!" Aher said after the inauguration while he was holding a piece of paper with the sentence together Bandung Regent in the presence of media crews.

    "Nice, it is created campaigned. Origin Om Telolet Om, so Om planting trees! Om  "He added.

    Furthermore, Aher also emphasizes and encourages people in rural areas that are not easily sell their land. Land is the source of prosperity and progress of society, in addition to science.

    "I ask the public so as when they have land shall not be sold, because it is the source of our prosperity. In the villages land is the source of prosperity, "Aher said in his speech.

    Bandung Regency has 270 villages and 10 urban villages. Bandung Regent Dadang M Naser on this occasion said that the villagers in the region had to change the mindset on land use in the village.

    "The concept we change, made public forests but can be planted farm peacefully but the forest is maintained. Do not let the incident occurred in Garut Cimanuk in Bandung with a bare mountain conditions like this. Astaghfirullahaladzim! "Said Dadang.

    In line with Aher, Dadang also invites the public to re-green the forest area which has now become a land crops, such as onions and vegetable crops.

    “Hayu urang sasarengan ngahejokeun leuweng. Leuweng hejo rakyat hejo, leuweung rusak rakyat balangsat (Let's be green the forest. Green forest green people, forests damaged people destitute), "said Dadang.

    Cibeureum village is a village that has got its budget to Rp 850-million. While the Village Office which was inaugurated by the Governor was a village office replacement for the previously damaged by the earthquake. Laying the first stone of this village office last conducted in 2012.

    In the context of West Java, the village fund allocation for 5.313 villages in West Java in 2016 reached Rp 3.56 trillion, with a percentage designated for the realization of the physical development of 93.93%, 5.54% of community empowerment, governance village 0,3%, and 0.23% of community development.

    West Java Provincial Government has a strong commitment to the advancement of villages in West Java. Based on the condition of the most of area in West Java is rural areas. The magnitude of the potential of existing resources in the rural areas, there is no doubt that has not been used optimally, which is reflected in the level of poverty in rural areas are still high, reaching 60.3% from 4.4 million poor people in West Java, located in rural areas (Data BPS 2015).

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