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    Governor Inaugurates Dede Sembada Becoming Kuningan Vice Regent


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan inducts Dede Sembada becoming Kuningan Vice Regent remaining term of office from 2013 to 2018, accompanied Acep Purnama who was sworn in as Kuningan Regent at June 14, 2016 ago. Acep replaces previous Kuningan Regent Utje Suganda who died on 7 April 2016 ago.

    Dede inauguration as Kuningan Vice Regent held in West Hall of Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, on Wednesday (12.28.16). This inauguration is based on Minister of the Internal Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia No. 132.32-10337 Year 2016 dated December 22, 2016.

    Moreover, Dede Sembada was elected as Kuningan Vice Regent by the Plenary Session of Kuningan Regency Parliament on Election of Kuningan Vice Regent Remaining Term Year 2013-2018. The plenary has set Dede Sembada elected as Kuningan Vice Regent remaining term year 2013-2018, as stated in the decision of Kuningan Regency Parliament  Number 172 / KPTS.25-DPRD / 2016 dated 14 November 2016 regarding the Stipulation of Elected Candidate Kuningan Vice Regent Remaining Term 2013-2018.

    "I advised Mr. Dede Sembada, so that the trust position as the Kuningan Vice Regent can be implemented as well as possible in accordance with the statutory provisions in force," the message Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) in his address at the inauguration ceremony.

    "I also call on all levels of Kuningan Regency Government to continue working to improve the quality of governance and regional development, and maintain and improve the fabric of synergic partnership with all stakeholders, both the central government, provincial, local parliament, the private sector, academia and the community," said Aher.

    After the inauguration ceremony, Vice Regent Dede also expressed his readiness to help and cooperation with Kuningan Regent Acep Purnama in the remainder of his term. "I am committed - because the job of Vice Regent was essentially assisting the Regent. So, I am ready to assist the Regent or tasks handed to me, "said Dede.

    Related to the division of tasks, continued Dede, he expresses that in accordance with existing regulations, he will carry out its function in controlling and monitoring Kuningan regency government.

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