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    Vigilant to Investment with Big Interest


    BANDUNG-investment case with the lure of a big interest in quick time to its customers, which in turn cause problems still occur in the community.

    Following up on these problems Financial Services Authority (FSA) West Java Regional 2, again urge people not to be tempted by the lure of investments that can generate great interest in quick time.

    FSA head of West Java Regional 2, Sarwono asks the public to be more rational when will invest funds to the financial industry.

    "For its prevention, reminding them that if no bids of investment with higher interest out of ordinary, it is not true, do not be tempted," he said.

    Because according Sarwono, for the benefit of our funds deposited in the financial industry there are the measurements by the rules.

    "Anyway, if high interest rates are irrational a month can be 5-10%, if such it was the most only survive 3, if the bank interest only 6-8% a year, even now likely to go down," he said. (Parno)

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