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    In 2017 Momentum of West Java Scout to Improve Performance


    BANDUNG-West Java Kwarda Scouts, at the end of 2016 held Rakerda with all regencies / cities in West Java. Rakerda intended to prepare Scouts program in 2017.

    As for the program in 2017, it is expected to be a momentum to improve performance, said West Java Chief Scout Kwarda, Dede Yusuf in a statement to reporters on Monday afternoon (26/12).

    Dede, further explained the program compiled for 2017, of which there is a program that is prepared to face the Scout National Conference which will take place in 2018.

    To deal with the Scouts National Conference, of course, the whole program of West Jaa Pramuka in 2017 should be the best. To respond these expectations, 50% West Java scouting program 2017 is realized in the area.

    Program in 2017, also confirmed cooperation with various cross-agency. As a follow up of the MoU with West Java Bawaslu 2016, to face the elections in 2017, the Boy Scouts will be deployed in charge of elections in some areas that carry out the elections.

    To prepare competitive human resources, which is intended to scouts that the next few years will be the workforce, in 2017 West Java Scouting makes certified TKK program.

    With certified TKK program, said Dede scouts have a certificate of expertise when looking for a job. (NR)

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