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    Aher: West Java Coffee Has an Economic Value


    BANDUNG-Aher hand over 2 million Coffee seed to the 11 recipient districts. Bandung District receives 457.750 seeds, West Bandung (183.500), Garut (349.900), Tasikmalaya (112.500), Ciamis (52.000), Majalengka (111.250), Sumedang (428.100), Subang (12.000), Cianjur (113.500), Sukabumi (84.800), and Bogor Regency (94.700 seeds). Two million Coffee seeds have been certified yesterday dated December 22, 2016, in Pakuan Building, Otto Iskandardinata Street No. 1, Bandung, on Tuesday morning (12.27.16).

    With advantages, West Java coffee can have economic value and the benefits of conservation or reforestation to land area. Governor Ahmad Heryawan revealed, with high economic value of coffee can be a source of increased income of farmers.

    "This could be the trigger to welfare of our farmers. Secondly, it could be conservation. We encourage people who are usually on sloping ground planting crops, now we push so planted that plant conservation. One of the plant species of conservation that is coffee plant," explains Aher after the event.

    Aher added, in the future it should be done also for the development of this type of coffee plants. An example is coffee plant combined with the maintenance of Wasps.

    "Not yet coffee honey, but the coffee we harvest twice a year. It would be very nice if the coffee then combined with the maintenance of Wasps for the production of honey," said Aher.

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