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    Head of Plantation Department Arief: Certified Coffee Seed Increases Productivity


    BANDUNG-Head of Plantation West Java Province Arief  Santosa explained that the certification coffee seedlings is important. Because he thinks it can improve the productivity, quality, yields, and product competitiveness. In addition, it should be supported by good cultivation techniques (good agricultural practices) through the provision of appropriate production facilities, in accordance with the implementation of the management system of farming that good anyway.

    It thus put forward, when delivering a report to the Governor of West Java in the event Coffee Seeds Submit into Regions, Tuesday (27/12) in Pakuan Building Bandung.

    Further Arief, on 2014 West Java provincial government has awarded 1 million coffee seed to 42 groups farmers in six districts. Whereas in 2015 the provincial government also handed over 2 million Coffee seed to 65 groups farmers in 11 districts, so that in 2016 there was an increase in the number of recipient groups up to 100%. While in 2017 West Java province targeted a return allot 5 million Coffee seed, bringing the total from 2014 to 2017 there were 10 million Coffee seeds distributed.

    Coffee that is distributed in this year is a kind of superior Arabica coffee with two kinds of varieties. First, Sigara Lembang varieties coffee seeds that can be planted above an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level (asl), and second, Lini S795 varieties are the type of coffee plants grown in the designated altitude 700-1200 meters above sea level, he said.

    With the addition of 2 million seeds of this tree, the estimated land area of coffee plants in West Java area of 37.265 hectares. While the potential of land suitable for coffee plants in West Java could reach 50,000 or a maximum of 200,000 hectares, he said.

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