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    CN235 Made by PT DI More Interest


    BANDUNG-CN235 aircraft is now a role model for the sale of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI), especially for overseas sales. Moreover, equipped with advanced and latest equipment.

    As on Tuesday (27/12), Senegal can eventually operate similar aircraft made by PT DI. The purchase contract is the purchase of a fourth. Previously A.D. Trade Belgium has also bought three CN235 unit of PT DI. Three units CN235 are purchased through A.D. Trade Belgium have been used by Burkina Faso as much as two units and Venezuela one unit.

    "Aircraft CN235-220 product of PT DI is well known in many countries as the best multi-purposes of effective and efficient and can operate from a foundation with limited conditions," said President Director of PT DI, Budi Santoso.

    CN235-220M Multi Purpose Aircraft to Senegal Air Force has a configuration that can be changed quickly (Quick Change Configurations) as paratroop, medical evacuation, VIP transport and passenger transport therefore can respond to the needs in the countries of Asia and Africa.

    "This is evidence of the ability of the Indonesian nation to master high-tech," said Budi Santoso.

    CN235-220M Multi Purpose Aircraft for Senegal Air Force will be flown from Bandung Husein Sastranegara Airport to Dakar Senegal with a through route Bandung - Medan - Colombo - Maldives - Pakistan - Riyadh - Khartoum - Chad - Burkina Faso - Dakar.

    CN235-220M Multi Purpose Aircraft equipped with a front door that can be used as an entrance / exit to the VIP / VVIP and special rear doors that open toward the inside and big enough to wear during parachuting operations. While the ramp door whose size is big enough and remain there for out of the goods can even be used to insert small vehicles. jo

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