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    The Repair of Access Road Preferred


    BANDUNG - In the next 2016, the main priority is the improvement of road towards the venue of PON XIX. According to the Head of Public Works Bina Marga West Java Province, Ir. HM Guntoro, PON’s venue is in 15 districts/city of West Java.

    "We are prioritising the road towards PON's venue. There is heavy and medium improvement. And we sought in August 2016, it will have finished,” he said.

    In addition, some roads in the western of West Java such as Cianjur, Sukabumi, Bogor will also be given priority as the artery of transportation today.

    "There are few roads in the western of West Java, East, South and parts of the northern coast (Pantura) included in the improvement priority programs in 2016, especially the main road of transportation of goods, people and services,” said Guntoro. According Guntoro, the tender to repair it will take place in early 2016.

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