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    End of Year Obsession 2016: Infrastructure Bogor and West Java


    BOGOR CITY-Joint Regional Secretary Bogor, Ade Hidayat Sarip, Provincial Secretary of West Java, Iwa Kartiwa becomes a speaker in Relax Talk Discussion Finding Solutions (obsession) in Graha Pena, Yasmin Street Bogor City, Monday (26/12).

    On that occasion Iwa admitted he should immediately plunged after being elected to be West Java Secretary, to solve the problems of infrastructure development. He said, "To promote West Java we have to get out of the routine." Economic growth is not enough to support the budget coming from the regional budget and the state budget. But it can also be pursued through public expenditure optimalization, expand exports and investment. Unfortunately, the condition of infrastructure remains a bottleneck.

    To that end, according to Iwa, Bogor toll road projects, Ciawi and Sukabumi (Bocimi) must be resolved because the development plan has been rolling since 2003. "Development of Bogor and Sukabumi is very important because in this region there is a symbiotic mutualism," he said. Bocimi Toll is built to support the infrastructure for the achievement of economic growth and progress in West Java. "God willing, in December 2017 it has been completed," he said.

    In addition to road infrastructure, West Java Provincial Government will also build Patimban Port, to support the logistics distribution for the industrial area in West Java. It will also be built airport with a runway measuring 1800 hectares along 4,000 m.

    Meanwhile, in a bid to retain the title of the nation's largest rice contributor, West Java Provincial Government will also build some reservoirs. "Additionally, it will endeavor to increase rice productivity by increasing harvest three times a year from the original 1.5 times a year," said Iwa. (PR) Mor

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