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    Governor Submits Arabica Coffee Plant Seeds


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government through programs conducted by the Department of Plantations, consistently makes West Java as the largest coffee producer and the best in national and international scale.

    To that end, since 2011 until this year 2016 had distributed certified coffee plant seedlings to areas of West Java coffee plant centers such as: Bandung Regency, West Bandung Regency, Garut Regency, Tasikmalaya Regency, and Sumedang Regency. For this year (2016) West Java Provincial Government submits certified coffee plant seeds as much as 2 million trees were symbolically held on Tuesday (27/12) at Pakuan Building yard Bandung by Governor Ahmad Heryawan to representatives of regency of West Java coffee development area. Some regional heads who attended received a coffee plant seedlings, among others, the Regent of Bandung, Dadang Naser, West Bandung Regent, Aboebakar and Regent Sumedang, Eka Setiawan.

    West Java Governor in his speech reaffirmed his determination to make the West Java Coffee superior in number and quality. "Especially if you observe the results of the assessment to the festival coffee in Atlanta United States some time ago, where the coffee in West Java had to be the best, then the coffee in West Java will be increasingly observed the coffee seller internationally, which in turn will be a driving force (triger) improving the welfare of coffee farmers" , said the Governor.

    According to the Governor, in 2017 it will be programmed 5 million coffee plants seeds and it will be distributed to areas. One of its spread will synergize with the Central Government Program namely the conservation plan of Citarum River upstream region.

    After the seeds submit ceremony, Governor and other guests are tasting coffee produced by farmers of Mount Puntang, Manglayang, and Garut. Some products are displayed, such as Coffee Java Preanger, Manglayang Luwak Coffee, Kadatuan Coffee, Wanoja Coffee, Arjuna Coffee and Garut Black Coffee.

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