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    E -Warung is Ideally One in Every Village


    BANDUNG-next year getting rice for the poor (Raskin), which has now been renamed prosperous rice (Rastra) is done via e-shop. A store is prepared for pre-prosperous family.

    The voucher worth Rp 110 .000, and can be exchanged with rice or eggs in the e-shop. But unfortunately until now the process of disbursement vouchers and the readiness of e-shop is still not optimal.

    "Ideally, one village has a unit e-shop, so that citizens are not far in taking Rastra," said the head of West Java Bulog lip Afandi.

    Previously Rastra is channeled through nearby villages so that residents do not need transport costs. Do not let the location of the e-shop that much lead their transportation costs are burdensome.

    He also hopes that the process of distributing e voucher immediately done, considering this program will take effect from January 2017, which is just a week away. jo

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