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    Military Command III / Siliwangi Becomes Religious Tolerance Model


    BANDUNG-Man is a creature of individuals as well as social beings who need to be able to interact with other humans to meet their needs.

    In living social life, community always will be faced with different groups either differences in religious belief, and traditions.

    In order to maintain the unity of the community is required mutual respect so there is no friction that can cause conflict because it was clearly mentioned in the preamble of the 1945 Constitution article 29, paragraph 2 that the State guarantees the freedom to profess their own religion and to worship according to their religion or belief.

    So that as a good citizen for granted mutual respect between the rights and obligations in order to maintain the integrity of the State and the high mutual inter-religious tolerance.

    With the attitude of religious tolerance will be able to realize the unity of the Nation by side with one another will make the defense forces and the region together to maintain the Unitary Republic of Indonesia which we loved.

    On Christmas Day this year and beyond is expected to bring peace to the entire people of Indonesia and that religious tolerance is maintained properly with such harmony in the state and nation have always maintained.

    Happiness and cheerfulness of Christmas are also felt by Kasdam III / Siliwangi Brigadier General YP. Sembiring and his family so that on the peak of Christmas Day eve it held an open house that are presented by Irdam III / Siliwangi, the Assistant Kasdam III / SLW, The Kabalakdam III / SLW, the commander of the unit dijajaran Military Command III / SLW at RE. Martadinata Street Bandung, Sunday (25/12).

    Open House is intended to close ties between the leaders and members in order to live a life that can always side by side and the communication can be maintained. (Even)

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