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    Unified, West Java Regional Leadership Communication Forum Reviews Security on Christmas Eve


    BANDUNG-As an annual tradition, elements of Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda) West Java Province jointly reviewing security lanes of Candle Lodaya  Operation, in order to secure the Christmas and New Year.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, together with Chief of Regional Police (Chief of Police) of West Java Police Inspector General Anton Charliyan, Commander III / Siliwangi Major General M. Herindra, and Head of the Civil Service (municipal police) Udjawalaprana Sigit West Java province, on Saturday ( 12/24/2016) evening, visiting a number of Church reviewing security implementation on Christmas mass in Bandung. Some of that review, the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, and the Gospel Church of Indonesia (GII) Dago.

    "This tradition Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda), governor, police chief, military commander, usually the Chairman of Parliament Mrs. Ineu there may be a hindrance, Kajati also usually present, we always visit several churches who are conducting the Mass, we came to visit, view of close to ensure safety, "said Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher).

    "God willing we are with a vengeance, with the full force of both the military police and other stakeholders, we maintain, we are committed to continue to deliver a sense of security for our people, especially people who carry out religious Christmas and new year," said Aher.

    Aher was very confident that the people of West Java is well prepared to maintain common security. He believes that the people of West Java is very loving sense of safety, have a high tolerance values. Therefore said Aher, no doubt, as the previous years, the celebration of Christmas and New Year in West Java are safe.

    "Then attempt to make sense of the very strong well, from the Armed Forces of Police of all stakeholders. God willing, once again we will guarantee the security, and the public is ready for it, and all stakeholders military, the police, I think everything is ready to maintain security, "he added.

    West Java Police chief Inspector General of Police Anton Charliyan states, that the security and conduciveness are already assured. He admitted to have held the power in 'All Out', or thorough.

    "We've checked all over the field, and the members are all in a state ready for 'all out,' either from the Police, together with the military, as well as municipal police of the Government. I thank Mr. Governor, Mr. Regional Commander for the support and togetherness, to show that the State was present, that the security personnel are ready to secure the celebration of Christmas and New Year, "said the police chief.

    Similar Aher, police chief Anton also believes that all the forces that would muster maximum support from the west Java community who love, safe and peaceful. Therefore, he also appealed for safe and peaceful atmosphere that was created along. Police Chief also invites the public to appreciate each other society in conducting worship accordance the confidence respectively.

    "Since we've agreed that the belief in one God, the Homeland is we appreciate other people to be able to practice their religion. So if we are as a state officer supported together with society God Inshaa it is increasingly conducive, "he added.

    " Protect Village! who else would keep the West Java if not 'urang sarerea', "said the police chief.

    While Commander III / Siliwangi Major General M. Herindra said it will always be ready to provide any necessary support. Pangdam states will exert full power for the sake of the smooth conduct of security in West Java.

    "We are ready to assist the Police and we exert power 'full' to help smooth conduct of security in West Java. Whatever will be required we are ready, "said Major General Herindra.

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