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    Aher Observes Cisomang Bridge


    PURWAKARTA-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) observes Cisomang Toll Bridge (Purwakarta- Bandung - Cileunyi) Purbaleunyi, at KM 100 + 700, which has shifted by 57 centimeters, precisely in Kampung Wadon, Sawit Village, subdistrict of Darangdan, Purwakarta regency, Saturday (12/24/2016) afternoon.

    Aher said, he is ready to coordinate with the Central Government on handling Cisomang Bridge. He also appealed to any type of vehicle to follow the direction of PUPR, MoT, BPJT and PT Jasa Marga associated with deterioration in toll roads.

    To note, the improvement under the bridge tolls have been started. Thus in anticipation, vehicle classes II to V are prohibited from passing, while the class I was still allowed.

    "The provincial government became part of the Central Government, the Ministry of Public Works is the domain, it is more readily from the provincial government. Then the administration would join together, do not be associated with the center, it is related to the connection of its dealings with the provincial, regency / city. So the police chief of West Bandung and Purwakarta directly deploy, then West Java Head of Transportation Department also plunge. Later on of course in the field there shared for the task of coordination, "said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan interrupted his review.

    "The report said, there is a shift which soon by the Ministry of Public Works and related institutions repaired. Now it was past repair hopefully the next three months could be completed, and can be considered to be good, it means that the repair work, "he hoped.

    Then Aher also urged prudence road users in following the directives related parties, namely the reduction of the load. Aher said that according to the direction, while in addition the vehicle class I, from Jakarta to Bandung, can be out in Purwakarta, then go back into the Padalarang gate. Then when from the Bandung can be out in Cikamuning and then be re-entered in Purwakarta to proceed to the next service.

    "Indeed, the density can not be denied, will be added. But Inshaa Allah it can be arranged, because its density is quite short, "said Aher.

    Director General of Highways Ministry Bridges of PUPR Hedy Rahadian explained, the current condition of the bridge, that has been a shift (deformation) in the second pillar (P2), however the vibration of the bridge is still in the safe threshold.

    While the first treatment is carried out, the wrapping system that uses carbon fiber material at the point of damage to prevent the greater cracking of bridge piers. "Furthermore, installing and tiltmeter inclinometer to determine the rate of movement and deformation of the ground," he added.

    Accompanying Governor Ahmad Heryawan on reviews Vice Polive Chief of West Java Brigadier General Bambang Purwanto, Head of Transportation Department Dedi Taufik, West Java Head of Highways M Guntoro, as well as the leadership ranks of the WTO and the Bureau in the scope West Java province.

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