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    Near of Simultaneous Election, Press Council Convey Appeal


    BANDUNG-Near the implementation of simultaneous elections, the Press Council convey an appeal. The appeal presented by Chairman of the Press Council, Bagir Manan to the press at the Grand Serela Jl. RE Martadinata, on Thursday (26/11).

    Press Council hopes through examining progress towards implementation of simultaneous elections and the various complaints received related to elections, press council affirmed the press role to fulfil the people's right to get quality and fair information.

    The press should carry out its role by developing public opinion based on precise, accurate and true information. They should also to perform its role to supervise, criticism, corrections and suggestions on matters relating to  public interest. The press is also expected to carry out its role to fight for justice and truth.

    According to Bagir, facing the simultaneous elections, each journalist expected to be independent by proclaiming events or facts in accordance with conscience and produce accurate news. The press, should be a fair referee supervisor, superintendent thorough and careful review of the implementation of elections.
    “For journalists who have rights in the election or as member of a successful team, was asked to non-active while as a journalist and resigned permanently,” thus pleaded Bagir Manan.

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