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    Vice Governor: Retain "Jabar Kahiji" PON 2020 in Papua


    KARAWANG-Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) of West Java Province held Annual Member Meeting (RAT), 2016. Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar was immediately shut RAT attended the board of Regency / City KONIDA and West Java Branch Sports administrators at the Hotel Mercure, Galuh Mas Raya Street, East Teluk Jambe, Karawang, Friday afternoon (23.12.16).

    The meeting, which was held from 22 to 23 December 2016 took the theme: "Through the Annual Members Meeting of West Java KONI, we increase the solidity of the sport human being to maintain Jabar Kahiji in Papua". In line with this theme, RAT also resulted in a determination to defend the title "Jabar Kahiji" or Champion for PON XX / 2020 in Papua and Peparnas XVI / 2016 Papua.

    It is also delivered by Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar in his speech. West Java provincial government hopes the whole range of KONI and Executive Sports West Java Province Branch to undertake preparations early, mainly through the efforts of breeding, training, and development potential young athletes.

    "The Games quadrennial ie 20th PON as a coaching sports achievements inter provinces barometer, which God willing will be held in Papua in 2020, it became betting us together to prove the tagline" Jabar Kahiji "we have achieved, in order to be maintained, "please Demiz, greeting familiar Deddy Mizwar.

    Other things, further Demiz, KONI and other stakeholders in the field of sports in West Java needs to focus on preparing the next generation of senior athletes who have had to retire. To that end, it is necessary to increase the quantity and quality of the tournament, championship, game or sports competitions at every level. Moreover, the existence of match venues and equipment used in PON those are in 16 districts / cities are also a very valuable capital.

    "I am also advised that in the future KONI can continue to bear the innovative programs, especially in mobilizing the participation and contribution of the various parties to move the coach wheels of sport achievements in West Java, either with college, community, private, and community," said Demiz.

    "And to welcome the 2018 Asian Games, I also hope KONI can encourage as many athletes featured in West Java to enter Pelatnas, so that West Java athletes can truly become a national core strength," he concluded.

    This determination was a motivation for the board of West Java KONI. Through this RAT, Chairman of West Java KONI Ahmad Saefudin revealed that all output is delivered in this RAT can be immediately acted upon.

    "Hopefully output that brothers in the committee meeting has been delivered like that, hopefully we can take action on our progress in order to improve and maintain the sporting achievements of West Java," Ahmad said in his closing remarks.

    In the near time, West Java KONI will be preparing to organize 13th PORPROV and 5th PEPARPROV 2018 which will be held in Bogor Regency

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