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    Aher: Preserve The Passion of 'Be Champion in Land of Legend!


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) will continue to push the area which is led to continue cultivate the tradition of achievement. Aher said that, in 2016, the West Java achievement in a number of national event, including; Popnas XIII / 2016, Porwanas XII / 2016 PON XIX / 2016, as well as Peparnas XIV / 2016.

    "Of course we have to preserve a tradition of achievement, Alhamdulillah 2016 in various fields including sports we continue to build a tradition, Popnas XIII / 2016 the result is West Java overall winner, Porwanas XII / 2016, West Java become overall champion again, september 2016 West Java became the organizer PON Alhamdulillah West Java also became the overall winner, Peparnas XIV / 2016 also at the overall winner as well, "said Aher on the soft launching basketball team of BJB bank Garuda Bandung and BJB bank volleyball team Bandung, in the event of Bandung Lautan Photographer (BLP) 016, in Gedung Sate yard Bandung, Saturday (24/12/2016).

    "So there are four major sports event in national level, The all fourth event, West Java became overall champion. So we are 'Champion in the Land of Legend.' We want this tradition continues to perform well. Today there are launching Garuda's basketball team sponsored BJB, and supported by the Province of West Java, and West Java community. Now inshaa God there is BJB Tim Garuda which is representing West Java competed in the national basketball league. We also launched a volleyball team, Bandung BJB Bank Volley Ball, also we expect to be a tough volleyball team besides athletes became a pride, represent both national or international events, "he added.

    Furthermore Aher stated that the Government of West Java province, along with Bank BJB supports two sports, basketball teams and volleyball Bandung, look for these two sports that produce a lot of athlete seeds with huge potential and it is expected to do better in national and international arena ,

    Moreover besides football, and badminton, sports basketball, volleyball are also a sport that is loved by the community and its development should continue to be supported. It is also on PON 2016 event ago, the two sports have also managed to donate gold for West Java.

    Meanwhile, related to Bandung Lautan Photographer event itself, Aher admitted he welcomed the event. This year the event gathers more than 4000 photographers. The photographers mingled without distinction of genre, regardless of seniority, regardless of camera used, and regardless of where the participants are coming from. They blend into one, into the Ocean of Photographer.

    Additionally, to further provoke creativity, each community which is participating in the event, can follow a photography contest on the main event.

    With a range of activities including, Photo Iconic Bird Eye View, Photo hunting Icon Model 70, Model 500 Photo Hunting Participant. The photograph on the theme Soft Launching Basketball Team (BJB GARUDA BANDUNG) & Team Bolla Volly (BANDUNG BANK BJB VOLLEY BALL) prize, 1st Rp. 1,500,000, 2nd Rp. 1,000,000, 3rd Place Rp. 500,000. on hunting models photo  category competition, Champion 1 Rp. 3,500,000, 2nd Rp. 2,500,000 3rd Place Rp. 1,500,000.

    "Shots of the photo can be enjoyed and interpreted by their respective perspectives. People who are attended are outstanding, it indicates (photography) has become an art, a hobby that is enjoyed by many people, including children - young children. Evident from year to year more and more BLP participants, the more heroic, more unique. Hopefully this becomes a new tradition of its own new culture that pleases all parties, "stated Governor Aher

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