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    Netty Heryawan Receives Haikuku Award


    BANDUNG-Tresna Indung is a tribute or cultural grace which is given by Indonesian HaikuKu non-governmental organizations to women who had been contributed in elevating women.

    That's the reason they give grace to the Chairman of the PKK West Java, Netty Heryawan Presetiyani in the series of Mother's Day, December 22, 2016 this.

    Indonesia HaikuKu President, Diro Arita said Netty is regarded female figures who contributed and have consistency in education, science, gender equality, moral elevation, as well as an understanding of the values of tradition, culture and art.

    Tresna Indung Award is given to Netty based on assessment team to determine who is worthy figure in West Java. Netty drawn to the selection on merit not only in the scope of West Java, but also the national level, even winning an award from the international community.

    "She is someone who has the intelligence, manners, and concern for the existence of women in West Java, either in relation to employment, as well as her role in the life of household," said Diro in Gedung Indonesia Mengingat (GIM) in Bandung, Thursday (22/12/2016).

    Diro added, Netty's struggle in gender equality, especially the family is a major factor in achieving gender equality.

    Woman who was born in Pacitan, October 15, 1969 was considered since the first as humanitarian activists in Indonesia, particularly in the field of women's role in nation building while meeting the educational rights of children.

    The award is given Indonesia HaikuKu also as a supporter of international awards previously obtained Netty, the Local Hero award from the US Embassy in Jakarta.

    "Apart from the embassy, she also had long concentrated in the humanitarian world and women. In 2010 of the Association of Women with Disabilities Indonesia also honored as a concern for humanity," he explained.

    This award also as a form of memorial mother's day which falls annually on 22 December by the community. It is also a form of support for Netty and other women in West Java to keep getting extraordinary mothers, both in the home and her service in the humanitarian world outside the home.

    "She is no longer a figure of a mother who could be emulated in West Java but also possibly Indonesia," he said.

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