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    Internship Program Absorbs 200 Thousand New Employees Candidates


    KARAWANG- Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar accompanies President Joko Widodo launched the National Internship program "Towards Competent Indonesia". National Apprenticeship Declaration event took place in Karawang International Industrial City (KIIC), West Karawang, Karawang, on Friday (23.12.16).

    Conditions of working-age people of Indonesia still lack of quality when compared with other countries. Working age in our country only 50% of primary school graduates, 20% of junior high school graduates, 17% of high school / vocational school graduates, and only 10% - 12% of college graduates.

    National Apprenticeship aims to develop the competencies of the Indonesian people quality, especially people of productive age through education and vocational training. It is projected that National Apprenticeship program is able to absorb more than 200 thousand prospective new qualified employees.

    "Quantitatively our potential power are actually quite large, 60 percent of Indonesia's population are young people. That number will continue to increase until it reaches 195 million people of productive age in the year 2040," said Jokowi in his speech.

    Indonesia should take advantage of superior HR or this demographic dividend well, so by Jokowi workforce or society which large numbers of reproductive age have not become unemployed. Therefore, this training became one of the government's efforts in promoting quality workforce and skilled.

    "For that, we need to focus on preparing the Indonesian human resources quality which will enable Indonesia to make the leap of progress, to catch up with other countries," said Jokowi.

    National Internship Program is an implementation of the MoU that has been done by the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (Kadin) with the Indonesia Ministry of Manpower on improving the competence of human resources through vocational training development in an integrated manner. This MoU was signed on 24 April 2016 then.

    The internship program that lasts 6 to 1 year will be supported by five industrial areas in Karawang, involving 2,648 companies in West Java. Each company is expected to receive 100 interns, so that there will be 200 thousand people more involved in the process of apprenticeship that is supported by this professional certification.

    "We expect the productivity and competitiveness of our labor can be engaged not only domestically but also internationally. Since the end of the apprenticeship is a professional certification in cooperation with all associations and also BNSP," said Chairman of Kadin Rosan P Roeslani.

    Meanwhile, Labour Minister Hanif Dakiri wants this training can accelerate the ability or the competence of the workforce in the country. By doing so, the number of labor force with minimal education can get self-defense capacity or means of self defense in order to enter into the job market.

    "Apprenticeship this time is different from the apprenticeship that generally we hear or we often associate with intern" photocopy and make coffee. "But this is structured, systematic, integrated apprenticeship. So the apprenticeship-based office, with work and clear incentives, so that the end of the apprenticeship closed with a competency test that produces professional certification, "said Hanif.

    National Internship Program is divided into several sectors. Companies involved in the manufacturing sector there are 1,776 companies, Retail Sector (219), the Tourism Sector (200), the banking sector (12), and the Marine and Fisheries Sector (441).

    Jokowi: Number of Chinese Manpower in Indonesia are 21 Thousand People
    On this occasion, President Jokowi also respond to issues concerning the millions labor of Chinese origin that flooded Indonesia. Jokowi said that the number of Chinese workers in Indonesia are very small, with only 21 thousand people. The government will act firmly foreign workers entering Indonesia illegally.

    "He said China's labor that goes into Indonesia there are 10 million, 20 million. When it is calculated? Our count of the workers number from China's 21 thousand, those are very small. Do not add zero too much," said Jokowi.

    Jokowi said that the amount of labor we have in some countries is much greater. As in Malaysia the number of migrant workers reached more than 2 million, Saudi Arabia (over 1 million), Hong Kong (153 thousand), and Taiwan (200 thousand).

    "Logically it is impossible that labor from outside get in a lot, because their salaries there are more big than us. Our salaries here are less than there (abroad), but year after year we will be able to increase it (salary workers) if our economic development better, "said Jokowi.

    "10 million tourists we expect from China could enter into Indonesia. Because it is competed other countries. So it was business affairs of tourists not labor. Where would they come here with a smaller salary it is impossible, this logic which I have to say that the rumors were not growing everywhere, "said Jokowi.

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