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    Cisomang Bridge Traffic KM 100+700 is Restricted


    BANDUNG-Bridges and Tunnel Road Safety Commission (KKJTJ) recommends the restriction of vehicular traffic crossing Cisomang bridge KM 100+700 Purbaleunyi Toll Road.

    From the results presentation, PT. Jasa Marga on the deformation that occurs in the second pillar (P2) found that the magnitude of the shift at the height of the pillars P2 has exceeded the tolerance required although the vibration of the bridge is still in the safe threshold.

    Under these circumstances, KKJTJ report to the Minister of PUPR that the security situation of bridges need serious evaluation and may endanger the safety of road users. KKJTJ with consideration of the foregoing, the Minister of PUPR accept the KKJTJ suggestion that the burden of traffic that is allowed over the Cisomang bridge is restricted.

    Following up on the direction of the Minister PUPR, Director General of Highways asked the Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT) as a regulator of toll roads and PT. Jasa Marga as toll road operator to immediately implement traffic restrictions on the Cisomang bridge only for Class I only. BPJT and PT. Jasa Marga also asked to monitor the movement of the pillars of Cisomang bridge and carry out retrofitting of bridge structure to prevent further shifting and guarantee capacity of the bridge structure are in a safe condition for user traffic.

    As a preventative measure, KKJTJ also asked BPJT and PT. Jasa Marga to put the officer on the bridge so that if the condition of the bridge is not safe, the officer who works full and can immediately stop the traffic passing through the bridge.

    "For highway users outside class I from Jakarta to Bandung are welcome to come out at Jatiluhur KM 84 the toll gate and using the national road to Padalarang. For highway users outside class I from Bandung to Jakarta are welcome to come out at the Cikamuning KM 116 toll gate and using the national road then can re-enter the highway at KM 84 Jatiluhur toll gate, "the release of KKJTJ.
    BPJT and PT. Jasa Marga coordinate with the police and the Department of Transportation in the regulation of traffic so that the traffic restriction on the Cisomang bridge has no impact on excessive congestion.

    In connection with the traffic restrictions, the Minister of PUPR stated that this restriction is done to protect the safety of road users as a top priority. jo

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