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    PLN Electricity Sales in West Java is Growing 6.12%


    BANDUNG-PT PLN West Java says total sales of electricity energy until month of November 2016 was 42.2 Tera Watt hour (TWh) increased by 6.12%, compared to November 2015 (ie 41.1 TWh).

    Total sales of electricity energy to industrial customers in November 2016 of 20.3 TWh increased by 7.396% compared to November 2015 (ie 18.9 TWh). Number of PLN Distribution West Java Subscribers alone until November recorded 12,416,157 subscribers, up to 5% of the number of subscribers in November 2015 recorded 11,814,314 subscribers.

    GM PT PLN West Java Iwan Purwana said the increase in sales because of course there is increase in the number of PLN customers in West Java.

    He added that special for Christmas and New Year in 2017, he mentioned peak load night to Christmas Eve in 2016 is estimated at about 5.128 Mega Watt (MW), down from the peak load on the nights typically is about 6800-7100 MW.

    While on New Year's Eve predicted peak load of 5,372 MW. Peak load of Christmas and New Year is predicted to fall compared with the peak load is usually due to large industrial customers with power being dismiss its activities.

    Capable Power of electricity system in West Java is the highest in 2016 reached 13,006 MW, while for the Christmas and New Year's standby power supply prepared reaching 10,300 MW, still far above the peak load forecast of Christmas and New Year. Jo

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