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    BJB Bank Refunds KCR Phase I US Rp 165 Billion to West Java Provincial Province


    BANDUNG-Jabar-Banten Bank (BJB) refunds revolving Kredit Cinta Rakyat (KCR) Program amounting to Rp 165 billion to the Government of West Java province, on Friday (23/12) at the West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung.

    KCR refunds Phase I was delivered by the Director of Bank BJB Moh. Irvan to West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan witnessed by the WTO and the representatives of KCR receiver in West Java.

    Director of Bank BJB Moch. Irvan explained, since Kredit Cinta Rakyat program is disbursed by the provincial government. West Java through BJB in 2011, has been on the scroll KCR fund as much as Rp 385 billion, with the details: in 2011 disbursed Rp 165 billion; In 2012 as much as Rp 50 billion; In 2013 as much as Rp 20 billion; Rp 100 billion in 2014 and 2015 as much as Rp 50 billion.

    Further Irvan, performance of KCR program recipients to date to 6,712 micro entrepreneurs and 27,576 small businesses, with the number of workers covered as many as 34.288 workers.

    While based on the type of business that is mostly used in the agricultural sub-sector, plantation and agricultural inputs, namely 8.55 and the receiver of KCR program branch highest in Majalengka Branch, added Hakim.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan in his speech said, "This is the first in my career from acting in the Jakarta as council to the Governor of West Java, there is a rolling program from Government to be back the origin (the Government) safely.

    "Usually the funds have been rolling, it will be returned to zero, ie depleted, but this is not the case it is returned to the Government which then rotated again to the business sector and other businesses, said the Governor.

    "That the love the people credit program (KCR) is to beat economy of micro and small businesses", that partisanship of granting credit assistance to the micro and small is a necessity, but also return the money that has been rolled it is a necessity as a form of responsibility ", said the Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

    "I am grateful," thank God ", that KCR program is successful, as evidenced by the funds rolled it back to West Java Provncial Government, back to the budget that will also be rolled back to the micro and small businesses", added the governor.

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