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    Vice Governor: One Tree to Restore West Java Became the Parahyangan Earth


    GARUT - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar asked public to conduct planting movements and preserving one tree for each person.

    It is for realization of West Java sustainable and green as well as restore West Java as Parahyangan earth which has beauty and elegance of Tatar Sunda nature.

    "Let's plant a tree for each person and maintained it become the earth of parahyangan," Deddy said in the Plant a Tree Action which was centred in the District Sukamentri, Garut, Wednesday (25/11).

    "For people especially those who lives in forest surrounding should jointly safeguard the environment by not doing illegal logging," he explained.

    Vice Governor also asked people in urban areas can contribute reducing greenhouse gases by saving electricity usage, fuel oil, reuse of used goods such as paper and plastic. "Develop of the forest functions and other commodities which has function of protection and provides economic benefits," added Vice Governor.

    This is in line with the goals of West Java province became Green Province and succeed of planting one billion trees. West Java provincial government until November 2015 has been planted as many as 15 million trees. In 2014, also realised about 132 million tree planting, and by 2013 as many as 114 million trees and then 249 million trees in 2012.

    Vice Governor expects to Regent and Mayor in West Java to continue building a green open space (RTH) in order to achieve a minimum of 30%. "Government must be committed to protect green areas from mining activities to regulate licensing and strict law enforcement," said Vice Governor.

    On this occasion, Vice Governor also handed awards to Garut, Ciamis, Cianjur, Cimahi, Bandung and Sukabumi on the performance of regents and mayors for implementation of planting one billion trees in 2015.

    “Let’s plant and maintain the trees for a better life, because of one tree we plant will be a valuable investment for future generations," added Vice Governor.


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