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    West Java - LKPP signed a Memorandum of Understanding KPBU TPPAS Legok Nangka


    JAKARTA-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan together with the Head of LKPP Agus Prabowo signed a Memorandum of Understanding Between the Policy Institute for Procurement of Goods / Services (LKPP) and the Provincial Government of West Java about the preparation of procurement documents for Cooperation between the Government Enterprises (KPBU) project Processing Place and End processing Waste (TPPAS) Regional Legok Nangka, LKPP Office Epicentrum Tengah Street Lot 11 B, Karet Kuningan, Jakarta, Thursday (12/22/2016).

    LKPP head Agung Prabowo said KPBU affairs is not easy, he explained that KPBU as a method of establishing the infrastructure is actually done by the government, but due to shortage of funds, using the hands of the investor.

    Related to issues, Agus said that the process goes smoothly, the land acquisition matters must be absolutely 'clear' or complete. Because according to him, the failure of a project is not rare for these problems. Then the problem then the term of office of the Regional Chief, plus other technical issues in the field.

    "In terms of regulations, rules are already existing embryo since 2005. It has been frequently revised, last revised in 2015, which was Decree 38 of 2015 on KPBU, in this decree LKPP gets the task. That is the task of how to make the procedures for selecting the implementing entity. Then LKPP create rules Perka No. 19 in 2015. so we are going to demonstrate is rules made by LKPP, so now it would be tested alone, "said Agus.

    "Waste is not provit oriented, so Bismillah we are determined to make the MoU hopefully it is realized," he said.

    Agus said LKPP will accelerate, simplify, and maintain accountability in this work.

    "Fast-forward, make it easy, but remain accountable. From the Father (the Governor) is ready for hard work. First the ground must secure buildup failure is usually in the ground. Institutional, who in the Government of West Java is ready to observe, continued provision of data, information, and documents , "said Agus.

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said, it is a goal that has long coveted West Java has TPPAS integrated, environmentally friendly, and modern, which describes the presence of the Government in the development of environmentally friendly, and the impact on sustainable development.

    "Today is a good start. Hopefully with this we are since the beginning of this kind of guarded in accordance with the rules of law, and guarded well technically, and also guarded clarity related investments," said Aher.

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