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    Woman is Able To Be Movers and Changes Motor


    BANDUNG-Mother's Day, held each year to commemorate and appreciate the struggle of Indonesian women who fought together men in the fight for independence and improve quality of life.

    Military Command III / Siliwangi on Mother's Day commemoration occurs ceremony attended by all soldiers and civil servants of Military Command III / Siliwangi that is implemented in Field of Makodam III / Siliwangi Aceh Street Bandung, Thursday (22/12).

    Irdam III / Siliwangi Colonel Inf Dedy Agus Purwanto, SH as ceremony inspector was reading speech of Indonesia Republic Women's Empowerment and Child Protection Minister, while as a ceremony commander was Danramil Kodim 0618 / BS Mayor Cba (K) Julia Rebeka Ina Silalahi.

    In his speech, commemorating Mother's Day is based on the determination and the struggle of women to achieve independence based on the ideals and spirit of unity towards the independence of Indonesia that is safe, serene, peaceful, just and prosperous.

    Mother's Day shows that the struggle of Indonesian women have been through a very long process in achieving equality with the role and position of men, considering both the potential resources that determine the success of development.

    Momentum of Mother's Day serves as reflections and musings about various attempts that have been made to promote the movement of women in all spheres of development.

    On Mother's Day is expected to pass on the noble values ??and the spirit of the struggle of women to all the Indonesian people, especially the future generation in order to strengthen the determination and passion to jointly go ahead and fill construction with a spirit of unity.

    Mother's Day 2016 with the theme "Equality of Men and Women to Achieve Indonesia Free From Violence Against Women And Children, Trafficking in Persons and Economic Gaps access Against Women".

    Along with the times and the globalization of the world that continues to run, the role and contribution of women in development were no doubt prove to the role of women today who has a role and strategic position in many lives, by providing opportunities and opportunities of women can improve their quality of life independently as well a motor of driving as well as the motor of change. (Even)

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