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    88th Mother's Day, West Java Continues To Campaign "Three End"


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government continues to be committed to provide protection to women and children. Currently, the number of cases of violence against women and children continues to rise, so as to deal with things need  participation from all components of the nation.

    In Commemoration of the 88th Mother's Day at Gedung Sate yard, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, Thursday (22/12/16), the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar invites all the components of society in order to participate in the campaign "Three End", namely (1) End human trafficking, (2) End violence against women and children, and (3) End the constraints of economic justice for all women in West Java.

    "Women and children advanced, powerful West Java. Women and men are equal, West Java competitive. Family harmonious, prosperous society, "yelled the Vice Governor in his speech at an event linked with National Social Solidarity Day (HKSN) and International Disability Day (HDI) 2016 in West Java Province Level.

    Violence and trafficking in persons (human trafficking) became one of the very serious concern of the government. Vice Governor said that the greatest victims of violence and trafficking - either reported or unreported are women and children. The rise of violence, especially sexual crimes against children into the nation's problems that must be resolved by all circles.

    "Violence in women and children is our focus right now besides pressing the infant and maternal mortality, and equality. Violence means unequal, these now let us build, "said Vice Governor after the event.

    To overcome this problem, according to Vice Governor, there needs to be participation from the community. Community is asked to immediately report to the authorities if regional outbreaks of violence against women and children.

    "The efforts of the community are also required, meaning that the complaint or any sort. Including women themselves, including the neighbors. So if it is reported not to happen again, there is the deterrent effect for the perpetrators of the violence. But if it is done no punishment at all, there are no reports at all, right too difficult. So we also need public participation, "said Vice Governor.

    Vice Governor also added that the importance of family support in keeping the joints of the society, nation and state. If it is observed proliferation issues and the complexity of social problems, such as violence, trafficking, pornography, sexually transmitted infections, and HIV / Aids, drugs, crime, and others due to the collapse of the foundations of resilience in families.

    "To that end, the family strength should be further strengthened, through the cultivation of the values of character and faith, and piety as the main pillar of formal education and character in the family," said Vice Governor.

    In addition, the government continues to encourage women and men also have access opportunity, and the same opportunities as a development resource. Same with men, women have a role and position in achieving the objectives of the state, as well as in the fight for prosperity in all areas of development, such as education, economic, social, political, and legal.

    Mother's Day this year takes the theme: "Equality of Men and Women to Achieve Indonesia Free from Violence against Women and Children, Human Trafficking and Economic Gaps Access against Women. For that, on this occasion performed Mother and Child Mortality Decline Declaration in West Java that involve various stakeholders, including academics.

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