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    Real Work Towards West Java Prosperity


    BANDUNG-Mother's Day 2016 is also coupled with the National Social Solidarity Day (HKSN). HKSN theme this year is "Towards a Real Work of West Java Prosperity". This theme was taken in accordance with the current conditions in which we still face many challenges, such as poverty, unemployment, inequality, and social inequality.

    To overcome this, we need the commitment and efforts of all parties, including government, private sector, academia, and the community to continue to work significantly through many obstacles in order to bring West Java Forward and Prosperity for All, said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar in his speech at HKSN in West Java Province level, on Thursday (22/12) at Gedung Sate yard Bandung.

    "Therefore, I hope the momentum of HKSN 2016 can give spirit to the entire community to further enhance the sense of caring and willing to share for others in need, as well as mutual respect for each other," please Vice Governor.

    Vice Governor also said that the Social Solidarity can be started from the smallest, the family and society. That way we can face all the threats and obstacles, both from within and outside the country, as well as contributing to national and regional development, in particular to strengthen social integration in reducing social inequalities that exist.

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