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    Netty Talks The Importance of Literacy For Students


    Soreang-the macro level, the index reading in the country of Indonesia is still low at about 0.0001%. One of the efforts made by the Government of West Java Province by Ask and Reading Culture Movement Roadshow, through the National Library and Regional Archives (Bapusipda) West Java Province.

    Mother Literacy of West Java Netty Heryawan is revealing indeed we ought to build a spirit of reading among young people, especially students. Because they are the future leaders so that the knowledge base should be added.

    "Including competence, excellence and character should be built, then the output from reading interest build primacy as a condition for winning the competition," said Netty before representatives of elementary school, junior and high schools in Bandung Regency at Gedung Sabilulungan Soreang Bandung regency, on Wednesday (21 / 12/16).

    Because now we are facing a phenomenon that can not be refuted in the era of globalization, namely competition and the effect is not necessarily good. "So the key word to survive by building decency, excellence and stronghold," she said.

    According to Netty, that if we have the literacy skills. Literacy is this that gives information as well as provides solutions to the problems faced. So we have a strong character and able to compete.

    In addition, West Java Province Head of National Library and Regional Archives, Neni Kencanawati invites all students and teachers in attendance to visit the library either area or provincial in Kawaluyaan Soekarno Hatta Street Bandung. There are approximately 900 books that can be read as a repository of knowledge for students as the nation's future.

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