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    FSA Evaluates New Entrepreneurs Banking Credit Financing


    BANDUNG-Jabar Banten Bank (BJB), Nasional Indonesia Bank (BNI) and Rakyat Indonesia Bank (BRI) disburse a working capital loan to 20 New Entrepreneurs (WUB) with total funding amounting to Rp 429 billion.

    Head of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) Regional 2 Jabar Sarwono said 20 WUB is a fraction of the number of entrepreneurs recommended by the FSA to banks in West Java.

    "I hope next year will be more New Entrepreneurs who get working capital from banks," he said at the regional office of the West Java FSA Dago Street, Bandung, Wednesday (21/12).

    Sarwono said there are actually 100 New Entrepreneurs selected by a team of FSA and offered to banks in West Java to obtain financing. The move was made as part of efforts to accelerate access to banking finance businesses.

    "It's part of an effort to West Java Accelerate Team Regional Financial Access (TPKAD) so that financial access can also be enjoyed by new businesses," he said.

    He regretted than 100 new businesses were recommended TPKAD was only 20 that get capital from banks. So he thought it should be an evaluation of the FSA, including banks and businesses, why not all of them qualify for the credit application.
    "Is it because there is no collateral, or because only a few years of trying or anything, I would like to cooperation with banks, so that the 80 can be have evaluation of how it can get capital," he said. jo

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