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    Vice Governor Opens Porsadin 2016 in Cianjur


    CIANJUR Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar in Cianjur, officially opened Sports and Arts Week Inter Diniyah Pupils (Porsadin) 2016, Wednesday (21/12) at Taman Prawatasari Field Cianjur Regency.

    Porsadin 2016 was the fourth time and was followed by 1350 athletes / artists santriwan / santriwati whole area (district / city) West Java. According to the Chairman of Communications Diniyah Forum of West Java Province, H.Asep, Porsadin 2016 will be held in Garut regency, but since there are disasters, finally diverted to Cianjur Regency.

    Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar in his speech expressed gratitude and appreciation for the implementation of Sports and Arts Week Inter Diniyah Pupils of West Java.

    According to Deddy Mizwar the presence of diniyah educational activities managed by the community have an important and strategic role. This is an effort to plant religions outside the formal education with the time span between 2 and 4 hours. "The role of diniyah school education rated will further deepen the understanding of the religion, in accordance with syareat Islam", said Vice Governor.

    Vice Governor requested, so that diniyah education efforts that is managed by community have to be maintained and developed one of them with strengthening of building school infrastructure and prosperity for teachers. "West Java Provincial Government assists diniyah education has been spent in 2016 as much as Rp 12 billion." The fund is hopefully adding motivation for the diniyah education organizers ", said Vice Governor.

    Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar hoped that through Porsadin can improve the relationship between the students and teachers, besides the students can compete well so that it can later give birth to athletes and artists of diniyah students to take part in the match at the national level and in West Java can exit as the overall winner, as long ago West Java runs out as the overall winner in the PON XIX and Peparnas XV, Vice Governor concluded.

    Present on the occasion of the opening of Persadin IV, namely: Regent Cianjur Irvan Rivano, West Java MORA Head of Region and FKDT West Java formators.

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