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    Food and Drug Administration Improve Cross-Stakeholder Coordination


    BANDUNG-food and drug supervision which is implemented through National Agency of Drug and Food Control are now routinely implemented. Even cases of drug abuse and food has been found. For 2016, from reports received by National Agency of Drug and Food Control has reached 3,899 kinds.

    To improve supervision, it is required tighter supervision in the area. For the purposes of this it is required cross stakelolder supervision, said Chairman of Commission I of the West Java Parliament, H. Syahrir in his statement to jabarprov.go.id on Wednesday (21/12).

    Syahrir, further explained for West Java provincial government, to protect consumers from the dangers of drugs and harmful foods, through Work Procedures Organizational Structure (SOTK) has been assigned specific areas set Consumer Protection. These fields, under the Department of Industry and Trade.

    "With the strengthening of consumer protection through institutional devices, became the start to improve coordination among stakeholders in monitoring the circulation of food and medicine as well as cosmetics in the community" he said.

    With the Institutional Division of Consumer Protection, which started to be operational in 2017, the West Java Parliament will conduct the evaluation. It might, in order to maximize, said Syahrir will be made of new legislation in governing the special consumer protection. (NR)

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