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    Sukamta: No More TNI Plane Crash


    BANDUNG-Member of Representatives Commission I, Sukamta in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (21/12) said the military plane crash incident does not recur. I condole over 13 victims of the Air Force soldiers who died in the accident. These soldiers were on state business, the family left behind may be given fortitude.

    Sukamta added in his notes for 2016 have been at least five times a plane crash owned by the TNI. In addition, since 2000 there has been a five-time accident manifold C130 Hercules aircraft.

    "It should be a serious concern of Mr. Minister of Defense and the TNI," he said.

    It has repeatedly submitted regarding the need for a thorough evaluation of the military TNI aviation system. Audits of air worthiness needs to be done, given the many military aircraft are older than 30 years.

    "The statements of Mr. Chief of Air Force Staff that the aircraft is still in a state of airworthiness I think still needs to be followed by an condition audit of military aircraft to ensure the best conditions that still exist. It is because the info that we ever could, because of the equipment limitations as a result of the embargo is not uncommon military aircraft repair done by cannibals, "he added.

    Therefore, Sukamta encourages the involvement of the National Commission on Transportation Accidents (NTSC) to analyze the cause of accidents. Sukamta understands that there is no obligation to announce the cause of the military accident in detail because it involves state secrets.

    "The results of the investigation could be an evaluation tool. All data of accidents that had occurred could be a measuring tool does occur because of aircraft or because of other factors such as human factors, weather, mission and management," he hoped.

    Thus, Sukamta expects no improvement of the Human Resources (HR) and military aircraft flight management. At least be able to refer to the pattern of civil aviation can run well so far and very minimal accidents. (NR)

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