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    Kartika Struggle Day and the 67th Anniversary of Korem 063 / SGJ


    CIREBON-Korem Commander 063 / SGJ Colonel Inf Bahram lead Pilgrimage to Taman Makam Pahlawan Kesenden in order to Commemoration of Kartika Struggle Day and the 67th anniversary of Korem 063 / SGJ, Tuesday (20/12).

    From the release Pendam III / SLW, Pilgrimage is implemented as a series of Kartika Struggle Day and the 67th anniversary of Korem 063 / SGJ activities and in order to honor the fallen heroes in the capture and maintain the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

    Besides that, Kartika Struggle  Day itself is a day to commemorate the Battle of Ambarawa formerly named Infantry Day, Battle Ambarawa which lasted from December 12 to December 15, 1945, led by the Great Commander of General Sudirman with a resounding victory successfully repulsed an ally from Ambarawa were later immortalized in the form of monuments "Palagan Ambarawa".

    "Army commemorates that date every year as the Day of Infantry, through the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 163 of 1999 and Decree Kasad No. Skep / 662 / XII / 1999, the Day of Infantry set on December 15 as the" Day of Kartika Struggle", said Danrem ,

    Attended the event, Dandim 0614 / Cirebon Lt. Col. Suharma Zunam, and Dempom III Cirebon Lt. Cpm Yudho Pramono SE, Danyon Arhanudse-14 Major Arh Adhi Kurniawan, the Kasi / Pasi Korem, Dan / Ka Satdisjan Korem 063 / SGJ and TNI Soldiers and Civil Servants of Korem 063 / SGJ. (Even)


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