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    Vice Governor Inaugurates HMPI and BMN 2015


    GARUT - Indonesia Tree Planting Day (HMPI) and National Tree Planting Month (BMN) in West Java took place in Copong Dam, Garut, Wednesday (25/11) inaugurated by Vice Governor of West Java, H. Deddy Mizwar.

    It was attended by Chairman of Commission II DPRD of West Java Ridho Budiman Utama, head of OPD in the West Java provincial government also several of the Regent/Mayor.

    Vice Governor, in the event explained HMPI and BMN is a momentum to plant trees. Planting trees need to be done on an ongoing basis to mitigate land and forest.

    Vice Governor said tree have many benefits to humans including producing oxygen, storing water reserves and can absorb eight times the heat as well as the binding of soil particle to prevent landslides. Tree can also provide aesthetic to the beauty of nature.

    Peak event of BMN and HMNI expected bringing the movement to plant trees that can be implemented all parties. It aimed so that West Java has a fertile and prosperous of natural beauty.

    The realisation of planting trees in West Java has reached 272. It is expected through the number of trees planted, open green spaces (RTH) may reach 30 percent.

    In line with the movement action of planting trees, need to be done the other actions. Another step needed to be done in the form of demolition permits, law enforcement and replace the land affected by the construction of other fields.

    One tree is an investment for the future. Meanwhile, Kadishut of West Java, Budi Susatio in the report said the theme in HMPI and BMN is "Let's Planting and Preserving the Trees".

    In line with this theme, tree planting should be continue done. Many benefits with lots of trees planted, such as can reduce the risk of carbon by 26 percent.

    Planting trees is also intended to increase the forest cover to prevent floods and landslides.

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