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    Foreigner Violations in the Homeland Must Be Responded Seriously


    BANDUNG-Government should respond to the serious public reports related to the number of Foreigner (WNA) violations in the Territory of the Republic of Indonesia. According to Jazuli, the report was in line with government policies that ease the flow of people in the form of a visa-free policy. It thus, expressed by the Chairman of the PKS faction in the House of Representatives Jazuli Juwaini in release received by jabarprov.go.id  on Tuesday (20/12).

    "The government must respond to serious concerns and the public unrest, with consider carefully between targets to be achieved and the negative effects of the policy," said Jazuli.

    Some reports related to foreigner violations for example is the incident of arrested Chinese nationality who were caught planting peppers contain harmful bacteria. In addition, there is also the phenomenon of foreign flags rise were not in proper place in some areas. In fact, the rise of foreign labor and a number of illegal in Indonesia as residents in the difficult area to find a job, causing jealousy and friction.

    "The event into account the umpteenth time about the fears of alleged violations committed by foreigners who take advantage of government policy related to visa exemption" he said.

    Based on the data records of the Directorate General of Immigration Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, in the middle of this year, most foreigners who violate visa-free policy are China, Bangladesh, Philippines, Iraq, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, and South Korea.

    Chinese citizens are still ranked first by a significant amount, ie 1,180 violations in January-July 2016. While the next sequence followed by citizens of Bangladesh (172), the Philippines (151), and Iraq (127).

    "We are certainly acts of anti-foreigner because of the association between a nation among nations is a necessity especially in the era of globalization now. But as that of any country, the entry of foreigners to Indonesia need to be regulated, need powerful control system, it is necessary alertness and integrity ranks of immigration so that not missed, either intentional or not. If not this could be a time bomb, "said Jazuli warned.

    For that, continued Jazuli, comprehensive evaluation of a visa-free policy to the 169 countries must be done immediately to avoid serious and grow negative effects. According to him, since the visa-free policy is implemented, the traffic flow more heavy influx of foreigners, so it needs to be evaluated in order to protect the country against security threats and the sovereignty of the country.

    "This must be taken seriously by evaluating the visa-free policy. The government must not underestimate this issue," he said.

    Urging the government to evaluate these policies voiced given many emerging issues during the policy is implemented. Some issues, said Jazuli including the increase in violations of residency foreigners, too many foreigners labor, and open a gap of entry for drugs and terrorism network. (NR)

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