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    Aleppo crisis, Momentum to Strengthen Role of World Humanitarian


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the Parliament of the PKS faction Jazuli Juwaini, in a release received by jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (20/12) explained the focus of the countries in the world on Aleppo Conflict the most important is on how to save the lives of civilians caught in armed conflict.

    Therefore, all countries should take on the role and responsibilities of the humanity including Indonesia. Several protests have also spread concern in some countries, such as Germany, France, Turkey, also Indonesia.

    "Indonesia must take the momentum to strengthen the role and responsibilities of a global humanitarian crisis in Aleppo showed determination and diplomatic action steps," he said.

    Determination of Indonesia humanitarian diplomacy is well placed to show the world in general and Indonesia in particular that the Indonesian people interested and concerned about the fate of humanity in the world, especially to the plight of civilians in Aleppo.

    "This is the esteem (dignity) or our pride as a nation that upholds a just and civilized humanity as well as to fulfill the constitutional mandate to maintain order in the world based on lasting peace," said Jazuli.

    To that end, the Government of Indonesia to conduct diplomacy in various ways (multitrack) in helping to stop the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo Syria. First, bilateral government through the foreign minister could be lodged serious concern and asked for a civilized settlement of humanitarian crises, whether through the ambassador in Syria and the Syrian ambassador in Jakarta with relevant countries such as Russia and Iran conflict.

    "The statement concerns the attitude, of course, represent the feelings and the solidarity of the people of Indonesia to the humanitarian crisis that is very heartbreaking," said representatives of the electoral district of Banten since 2004.

    Second, multilaterally through the United Nations (UN), in particular through the relevant agencies such as the General Assembly, the Security Council, Human Rights Council, UNHCR, representatives of the Indonesian Government to initiate a proposal to force the termination and settlement of humanitarian crises Aleppo by Syrian and related state.

    "The UN Charter is guided jointly by all members to give a lot of instruments to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo, ranging from humanitarian intervention, UN Security Council resolution, the establishment of war crimes and / or serious human rights violations, to dispatch peacekeepers. In the name of humanity the world, the Government of Indonesia must pro-actively apply for and / or support the proposal to have the support of other countries in order to Aleppo crisis be resolved soon, "said Jazuli.

    Third, regional / district or through other world organizations such as the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) or the Asian-African Conference (KAA), Indonesia could mobilize solidarity for Aleppo held an emergency meeting in order to formulate recommendations and measures of political diplomacy and humanitarian particular to Syria and the countries concerned.

    According Jazuli, Indonesia diplomacy determination through three steps above will impact the completion of the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo and strengthen the (positioning) of Indonesia responsibility on the future of the world of humanity.

    "As the largest Muslim country, supported by constitutional mandate a strong and solidarity the people of Indonesia are formidable, Indonesia is believed to play a strategic role not only for Aleppo, but also the future of world humanity . Hopefully President Jokowi captures well the momentum of roles and this responsibility, "said Jazuli. (NR)

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