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    West Java Deploys 17 Medical Worker


    PIDIE JAYA-Addition to distribute aid and build disaster command post for earthquake victims in Pidie Jaya, Aceh, the provincial government through West Java Disaster Care Program also fielded as many as 17 medical teams from several government hospital in West Java.

    Met at the disaster main post, health team coordinator of West Java drg. Marion Siagian said his medical team deployed in a variety of different places and always on the move. According to him because many victims were in the inland of Pidie Jaya.

    "West Java health teams post are always moving because we want to pick up a patient in the inland," he said.

    Every doctor each carrying a set of general inspection. For the surgeon, the equipment provided by the Pidie Jaya general hospital. While drugs from West Java Provincial Health Office 15 package in the form of basic drugs used for health services at health posts in the evacuation areas.

    Besides drug health team also brought three scores gloves, diapers and sanitary napkins.

    "For surgery performed in Pidie Jaya Hospital but for minor surgery conducted in the field," said Doctor Marion.

    He added that West Java medical team is dealing with injuries many fractures or falling debris of the earthquake.
    "The system is we pick up the ball, so we coordinate with BNPB or BPBDs or local volunteers, we comb to the locations where the quake to look for people who are injured or ill," said Marion.
    According to him, there are four specialists prepared by the West Java Health Team, one of whom is a physician orthopedic (bone specialist).

    "In addition, we also carry a pediatrician to help the child victims of the earthquake trauma healing here," he said.
    The following list names the provincial government medical team who served in Pidie Jaya:

    1. dr. Tito Gunantara, SpA
    2. Abdan Nur Rohman (physiotherapist)
    3. dr. Ismail Jamalludin, SpB. Orth
    4. Junaedi (a surgical nurse)
    5. Masrudin (a surgical nurse)
    6. dr. Noki, SpKJ
    7. Sugianto (inhabitant nurse)
    8. dr. Wahyu Handriana
    9. Rangga Wasita (nurse)
    10. dr. H. Ari Firmansyah
    11. dr. I Nyoman Aditama
    12. Cecep Nugraha (nurse)
    13. Iman Rahayu (nurse)
    14. dr. Dian, SpPD
    15. dr. Selvia Kusdwiyanti
    16. dr Nadiya Fachrudin
    17. Dr Marion, drg, MEpid (epidemiologist concurrently Health Team Coordinator).

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