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    Iwa: Pemprov Will Seeking Teacher’s Distribution Evenly


    BANDUNG - Provincial Secretary of West Java, H. Iwa Karniwa states West Java Provincial Government will seek distribution of teachers across the region of West Java can be evenly distributed. Availability of teachers not only in cities but also reach to remote or isolated areas.

    "The availability of teachers is considered because many are retiring. We will try to check again the data, henceforth we will do mapping especially in rural areas. It's possible if there are a lot of teachers in urban areas, while in rural areas was lack of teachers,” said Iwa, after becoming Inspector of Ceremony at the National Teacher’s Day of West Java province, Wednesday (25/11).

    After knowing the teacher’s placement based on the data, it will look for ways how to distribute it.

    "To distribute to remote areas, we should provide a interesting motivation, such as allowance which is much larger than in urban area,” he said.

    If it turns out the results of data collection showed that the shortage of teachers in remote areas not because of hoarding in the city, it will propose the formation of teacher to the central government.

    "If based data collection and assessment in South Cianjur really needs teacher, then we will propose the formation from the central government," he said.

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