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    Ayi Hambali: The Key is Commitment


    BANDUNG–Member of the West Java House of Representatives (DPR), Ayi Hambali stressed the need for a strong commitment from the leadership from Governor, Mayor and Regent to make a good financial statements.

    It was revealed Ayi after an audience with the provincial government on the follow-up result on recommendation of BPK Financial Statements in 1st semester at Gedung Sate, Tuesday (13/10).

    "Yes, I heard many constraints faced by local government in implementing actual financial report. I understand that, but the important thing is a strong commitment from local leaders in the face of various obstacles that," he said.

    According to him, when compared with other regions such as the Eastern region of Indonesia, the obstacles encountered of West Java is not too heavy. West Java shall be ready with the new system of financial reporting.

    "It could be compared with Maluku, Papua and other eastern regions of Indonesia. In addition to human resource constraints, they also face infrastructure and geographical constraints. But the evidence they could run a new financial reporting system is a commitment of a strong leadership," he added.

    Ayi pose as representatives from West Java, he feels proud and stated that their regions should be more progressive and ready due to of the human resources and infrastructure in West Java has been available.

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