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    President Inaugurates The Issuance of Rupiah Money YE 2016


    BANDUNG-President of the Republic of Indonesia inaugurated the issuance and circulation of 11 denominations Rupiah Year Emission (TE) 2016, Monday (19/12), in the building of Bank Indonesia, Jakarta.

    The inauguration is also marking by the valid of the 11 denominations, issued, and circulated in the territory of the Indonesia Republic (NKRI) today, also coincided with the commemoration of State Defense, which is in line with the spirit of State Defense.

    Eleventh Rupiah YE 2016 consists of seven denominations of Rupiah paper money and and four metal rupiah denominations. Rupiah denominated paper Rp 100,000 YE 2016, Rp 50,000 YE 2016, Rp 20,000 YE 2016, Rp 10,000 YE 2016, Rp 5,000 YE 2016, Rp 2,000 YE 2016 and Rp 1,000 YE 2016. Meanwhile, the Indonesian rupiah consists of a metal denominations of Rp 1,000 YE 2016, Rp 500 YE 2016, Rp 200 YE 2016 and Rp 100 YE 2016.

    Rupiah YE 2016 is featuring twelve images of national heroes as the main image on the front of the Indonesian rupiah is a form of appreciation for services rendered for the Indonesia state that has a heroic spirit and values of patriotism can be a role model, especially for the younger generation of Indonesia.

    To introduce more diversity of art, culture and natural wealth of Indonesia, Rupiah paper also presents archipelago dance pictures and landscapes of various areas in Indonesia with hopes of getting awaken the love for the Indonesia homeland.

    Based on the release received jabarprov.go.id, with the enactment of Rupiah YE 2016, Rupiah that is currently in circulation remain valid as legal tender throughout has not been revoked and withdrawn from circulation. (Parno)

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