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    Prepare For The Future, This is A Message of Bima


    BOGOR CITY-Hundreds of Kosgoro high school students lined up in the school grounds. Cheerful and spirit expression are radiated, commensurate with the uniform worn by the students who used the combined white shirt, red vest and white pants. The weather in Monday morning (12/19/2016) is also so cool to make a flag ceremony in this Monday, it is so special because this time the ceremony coach is the number one in the city of Bogor Bima Arya Sugiarto.

    "As long as I come to high school / vocational school in the city of Bogor be the first time its nuances are so red, white and female leader as a coach in ceremony," said Bima started his mandate.

    Bima said the future should be prepared from now because the future had to be picked up. Preparing for the future is not only competency but also character. Being clever, intelligent and expert does not guarantee success unless it is supported by characters who are honest, have integrity and passion.

    "You have to be young people who are optimistic and spirit and many-many have friends because it could be your friend brings you to success," said Bima.

    Bima continues, as the younger generation you must have a sense of pride in this city. Do not even do negative things like brawling. vandalism and others. Expression and the spirit of youth can be channeled positive activities in the city parks who is already provided the City Government (City Government) of Bogor.

    "January will be unveiled Sempur Park and Kaulinan Park that can be exploited young people to interact while reducing the use of gadgets," he explained.

    Meanwhile, one of the students Aldi said he and his friends were delighted with the presence of the Mayor of Bogor as a ceremony coach at his school. The reason is that he only saw Bima through the Instagramn that he follow and this time the opportunity to see directly in close proximity.

    "It's great motivation moreover Mr Mayor to prepare for the future from now," he concluded (fla / sensory-eto)

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